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BROOKSIDE MEN’S GOLF CLUB LOCAL RULES as of April Ninth, 2024 (04/09/2024)



Note: Changes since December Twenty, 2023 (12/20/2023) are in red font

Where boundary fences have masonry or a concrete wall at their base, out of bounds is defined by the inside course-side edge of the wall or concrete at ground level.

The course-side edges of public roads are defined as out of bounds.  A ball that crosses a road which is marked out of bounds and comes to rest beyond that road is out of bounds, even if it comes to rest on another part of the golf course.

The driving range is deemed to be out of bounds.  Its margins are defined by stakes and/or its fencing.

The paved cart path and its curbing behind the putting greens of Holes 9 & 18 is out of bounds on course #1 and hole 18 on course #2. The cart path on the left side of hole 18 starting with the last driving range pole (Course #1) is out of bounds.

2. NO PLAY ZONE – The flood control channel is deemed to be no play zone treated as a red or yellow penalty area depending on as marked.  A ball must not be played or retrieved from within the flood channel and relief must be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 17.1e. The no play zone is defined by the concrete liner if no lines are present. The penalty area is deemed to extend to infinity. The player must not play from the opposite side of the channel.

3. DROPPING ZONE – On Hole #10 (Course 1), as an additional option to Rule 17.1, the dropping zone to the left of the cart path near the putting green may be used for the lateral water hazard behind the putting green. 

4. LOOSE IMPEDIMENTS – Mulch and bark areas are loose impediments and are part of the general area.

5. OBSTRUCTIONS – All protective fences within the course that are not part of a boundary fence are deemed to be immovable obstructions.  Relief may be taken under Rule 16.1; however, there is no line of play relief. The dirt area in the middle of the 1st hole on course #2 is under construction. It is ground under repair. You may take free relief at the closest point of relief.

6. INTEGRAL OBJECTS – Includes dirt roads and decomposed granite on the golf course. (unless otherwise marked) Free relief is not permitted.

7. CLOSE OF COMPETITION: The close of the competition is deemed to have closed when the committee has approved all scores.

8. PROCEDURE FOR TIES – In the event of a tie for the Championship flight there will be a hole by hole playoff immediately following the conclusion of regular play. All net flights will be decided by a USGA tie breaker.

9. DRAINAGE AREA – (Course #2) Hole #13 near the green. The player may take relief, no penalty.

10. TEMPORARY IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS – The light standards on the course are free relief and line of play relief. Rule 14.3

11. THE ROCK WALL BEHIND HOLE 12 (COURSE #2) DEFINES A PENALTY AREA – The player may take relief under rule 17.1. If no lines are present, the wall defines the penalty area.