CODE OF CONDUCT 01-15 2019


Attention Brookside Men’s Club. The rule regarding the playing of music or video content has been removed in the recent 2019 rule changes (Rule 4.4). However, if listening to music or other audio to eliminate distractions or help with swing tempo and/or viewing a video of yourself or another player that would help in making a stroke, choosing a club or deciding how to play during a competition, you could be assessed a 2 stroke penalty for the first offense and disqualified for the second offense. Rule 1.2 is being applied to this. The BMGC committee has agreed to add a further stipulation under the committee procedure (section 8-5H). The player will receive 1 warning that the music is too loud. The second offense will be a 2 stroke penalty. The 3rd offense is disqualification. Any player that is within earshot of the music being played has a right to ask for this consideration. Please be considerate of the players around you. Headphones are now allowed as long as you are within the rule (4.4) guidelines.