Our Brookside Men's Golf Club Board terms are for a three-year period beginning on January 1st. We will hold elections for four open Board positions for the 2021-2023 term from now through the BMGC Member's meeting on November 10, 2020. For this year’s Elections, Voting will be conducted by email only and must be submitted by the Nov. 10th Regular Membership meeting. You can vote for up to four candidates on your ballot.  When voting by email you must submit your name and current GHIN # along with the candidate's names.


Candidate Statements for the BMGC Board 2021-2023 Nominees are listed below.  Email voting will open up on October 12th and you will be provided voting instructions at that time.


Our Board members serve the greater interests of our club - in budgeting our club’s revenue and expenses, organizing & running our monthly tournaments, Out of Towner tournaments, Team Play, annual holiday party, overseeing our Handicap Committee and representing our club's interest with American Golf and the Rose Bowl Operating Company. There is plenty to do whether you serve on the board or not and we invite you to participate.


2020 BMGC Election Committee





Art Longoria

Have been a Board Member for more than 20 years, and still have the desire to offer my time and energy to serve on the Board for another 3-year term. Having contracted and battled with Covid-19 this past March, my recovery has given me a renewed and heightens the appreciation of what is important in one’s life, Brookside Men’s Club is important, and that is why your support for my reelection is sought. Remember this slogan when you vote . . . Make Art a Director Again!



Rob Moore 

Pasadena City Chairman

BMGC Tournament Assistant Chairman


I have served on the board since 1982, a continuous effort to make Brookside Men’s Golf Club, and the golf course, a great place to belong and play.  I’ve seen many changes to the course and the demographics of the club over this time and I feel we can do better. If elected, I will strive to make the tournaments better, the club even better.


Thank You,

Rob Moore



Ed Sayer

I have been an active member of BMGC for twenty years and a board member for the past twelve years. It has been my pleasure to serve two years as the Membership Chairman, two years as the Associate Membership Chairman and twelve years helping with the website and assisting the tournament committee with online signups and communications. I enjoyed participating in BMGC team play for nine years and representing our club in three SCGA finals. It has been an honor serving the club and I look forward to continuing to do my part to ensure we maintain a positive atmosphere of camaraderie and competition. 

I am asking for your vote for another term.



Buddy Grazioli

Candidate for Brookside Men’s Club Board of Directors

I have been a member for years and really want to get more involved in an effort to give something back to the club and our membership.   We need strong representation on the Board to advocate for our interests with the City and Rose Bowl Operating Committee.  I want to work to make the Pasadena City Championship tournaments premier events, provide more benefits to members and keep the fun and camaraderie in our group.   I will work with course management to do everything we can to improve the pace of play, course conditions and quality of the facilities.  Finally, I want to find ways to increase membership and grow the game, particularly with our youth. 



David Hickman

Fellow Brookside Men’s Club Members,


My name is David Hickman, and I am running to serve on your Brookside Men’s Club Board this year.  I am a long time Brookside member and I feel that our club could benefit from new energy and new ideas to strengthen our membership and make golf a more enjoyable experience at Brookside.


I have been a member of Brookside for almost 20 years.  I currently serve as an Ambassador on Mondays at the course.  I have played on both the SCGA Saturday and Thursday Teams.  I am a regular participant in the Wednesday and Sunday skins games and I play in our Brookside monthly tournaments as often as possible.  I have served on the Handicap Committee the last two years and volunteered to recruit players for the very successful Pasadena City Golf tournament this year.  I was eager to help Steve Duffy grow our membership and I brought in eight new players to join our club this year.


I have served as Thursday Team Play captain the last several years.  This year, Brookside was fortunate enough to compete in the finals where we lost in a card off to Valencia.  The enjoyment and friendship experienced on our Thursday Team this year was a thrill beyond belief.  I hope to bring my leadership experience to the Board and help recruit new members to Brookside.


I served on a Steering Committee several years ago to look into a Tournament Handicap system for our club.  The recommendations by the Steering Committee, to institute greater transparency in our Tournament and Handicap Committees, were adopted by our BMGC Board.  I feel that we should go further and adopt a tournament handicap for Brookside members which would make our tournaments more competitive and enjoyable for all of us members who play in our monthly tournaments.


I am eager and energetic to serve on the Brookside Men’s Club Board.  I think we have a fantastic golf course, and our club deserves to be the flagship for other clubs to emulate.  I would sincerely appreciate your support this year as I run for a seat on the Brookside Men’s Club Board.



David Hickman