On September 24, in one of the most thrilling TEAM PLAY FINALS in recent memory, the BMGC Thursday Team led by Captain David Hickman, clashed with mighty Valencia CC for the SCGA Thursday Team Play Championship. 


     With a two hour delay in starting times between the two clubs, Brookside got off to a shaky early start at home.  Despite a stellar round of 77 by Jim Frear, the first two home groups could only mustar 4 out of a possible 12 available points. With the title slipping away, Brookside would rebound with groups 3 and 4 at home.  Excellent play from Karma T Ghale [an 8 & 6 winner in his match after firing a career low round of 78] and his partner helping on the team, their group collected 5 out of 6 possible points.  Coupled with the last Brookside tandem, led by Bob Lannin, they also secured 5 points.  While not ideal... Brookside led 14 - 10 and all focus turned to the "road" squad at Valencia, with Brookside needing an additional 11 points to win the title outright.    


     Craig Disiere led the charge of the road crew by posting a solid 75 in the first group at "BIG V," good enough to tally 4 of the 6 points available.  With the second road group unable to gain any traction on the Valencia greens, Brookside's chances of bringing home their first Thursday Team Play crown rested in the hands of the final two groups.  Team Play veteran Vic Buxton posted a respectible 86, which aided his partner in pushing across 4 additonal points.  With those 8 points, the score stood Brookside 22  - Valencia 20, with one group still on the course. 


     With 25 points needed from the 16 member squad for an outright victory, Captain Hickman entrusted team play rookie Stephane Zablot and long time veteran Tony Valenzuela to give it their all to bring home a title.  In one of the most incredible performances in team play history, Zablot dropped the first 7 holes to an opponent who was on auto pilot from the start.  BUT, in true BROOKSIDE fashion, Zablot decided to roll up his sleeves and grind his way back, INCH by INCH, shot by shot!!  He would turn the tide by winning six holes in a row to even his match going into the 18th hole.  And, with Valenzuela getting on board and riding the wave, he turned a 2 down deficit into a 1 up lead with one to play...and things looked promising for a Championship. 


     Unfortunately, Valencia fought back.   Valenzuela's match was halved to give each side 1 additional point.   Brookside 23 - Valencia 23!  Zablot, who fired a back nine 37... narrowly missed a 7 foot birdie putt for the outright win.  And, with his match also halved...the addtional point to both teams made the final score Brookside 24 - Valencia 24.       


     With the year of the COVID and other limitations, the SCGA devised a card - off protocol should a match end in a tie. Unfortunately, while everyone wanted a live playoff to determine the true was not to be.   Brookside took it on the chin in the second group of the card-off with Valencia CC being named the 2020 Thursday Team Play Champion by the final score of Valencia 25 - Brookside 24.    


     An incredible year by the Thursday squad. They beat Red Hill CC, Apple Valley CC, Sandpiper GC and Dove Canyon CC on the road to the FINALS. The entire team gave it their best and played brilliantly throughout the season in an attempt to bring an SCGA Title back to Brookside.   Their performance, especially on the road in the FiNALS...was trememdous.  Congratulations to Dave and the entire team.   



TEAM PLAY RESUMES IN JANUARY 2021...f you are interested in playing on one of the BROOKSIDE SCGA teams next year, please contact the respective Captain below:


Thursday Team - Scott Anderson [] 


Saturday GOLD Team - Maurice Mischook  []


Saturday CARDINAL Team - Ed Kelly [] 




Randy Gottlieb

Team Play Coordinator