Brookside Mens Golf Club  - Greens Committee/Community Relations Report

There will be an additional Committee working with the Greens Committee. The new Committee wil be called the Community Relations Committee. The object is to have the BMGC work with the RBOC and surrounding communities to promote golf at Brookside and to promote being Members of the BMGC and the BWGC. Any suggestions you have please contact Bob Baumann at                       
The Greens Committee/Community Relations meets on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss various aspects of the entire operation at Brookside. The committee is chaired by Brandon Fox - the Director of Golf at Brookside on behalf of the Rose Bowl Operating Company [RBOC] and includes the General Manager of American Golf - Scott Scozzola;Brandon O'Neal, G M of the Levy Restaurant,  George Winters the Superintendent of Course Maintenance at Brookside,  Bob Baumann the representative from the Brookside Men's Golf Club, and there is a representative from the Brookside Women's Club and the E.O. Nay Ladies Club.


Updates from the May 2021 meeting include the following:


1. American Golf has donated $106 K back to make improvements to the Golf Course.


2. The inside restaurant will remain closed for awhile. The patio is open with a limited menu. The bar service is open on the patio. ..   

3. The RBOC has hired American Golf to manage the golf facility. The RBOC will be responsible for the day to day opersations of the golf courses and the restuarant. In that light, they have agreed with Levy Brothers to handle the Restaurant, kitchen, and Rose Bowl Catering. 

4. The RBOC will start to spend money to improve the 2 Brookside Golf Courses.


5. The Flea Market opened Sunday April 11


6.  UCLA Home Games and the Rose Bowl Game can proceed as planned at the Rose Bowl.


7. The Pro Shop will open sometime between July 1 and August 1st .


8. The American Golf and Leavy Staff Members have received their COVID-19 Vaccinations.


9. The Golf Advisory Committee is developing By Laws on how to run the Committee.


10. The rakes have returnrd to the Bunkers and you can remove the pin if you desire.


11. American Golf is asking all riders to share a golf cart when 2 players in a group are riding. 



Bob Baumann